MKM Pottery Tools

MKM Pottery Tools

MKM Pottery Tools specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality and innovative tools for the potter.

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New texture making tools from MKM. Using the RH-1 handle and any of the roller designs (all purchased separately), you can roll-on a huge variety of textures.

To use, simply open the handle and put a roller on the metal spindle. Then close the roller, and while holding it the handle together with your hand, roll-on your texture!

The handle and rollers are all made of hardwood with smooth beveled edges and treated/finished for a long life.

All rollers are 6.0 cm wide, but have design faces of differing widths (1.5cm, 3.0cm, and 6.0cm). Each roller is made of a fine-grained hard wood and treated with teng oil for durability. All rollers fit into the same handle, and can be easily and quickly changed out for a roller with a different design or width. The items below are stocked items. If you wish to see the full line click here.
Rollers4Clay Handle
Code: MKMRH1
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Small Rollers

MKM RS-001 RS-001 Pattern
Basket Weave
Code: MKMRS001
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MKM RS-002 RS-002 Pattern Braid
Code: MKMRS002
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MKM RS-003 RS-003 Pattern Large Zig Zag
Code: MKMRS003
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MKM RS-004 RS-004 Pattern Small ZigZag
Code: MKMRS004
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MKM RS-005 RS-005 Pattern Shells
Code: MKMRS005
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MKM RS-006 RS-006 Pattern Celtic Triangle
Code: MKMRS006
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MKM RS-007 RS-007 Pattern Pressed Dots
Code: MKMRS007
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MKM RS-008 RS-008 Pattern Medium Zig Zag
Code: MKMRS008
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MKM RS-009 RS-009 Pattern Foot Steps
Code: MKMRS009
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MKM RS-010 RS-010 Pattern Raised Dots
Code: MKMRS010
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MKM RS-011 RS-011 Pattern Fish
Code: MKMRS011
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MKM RS-012 RS-012 Pattern Hearts
Code: MKMRS012
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MKM RS-013 RS-013 Pattern Celtic Knots
Code: MKMRS013
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MKM RS-014 RS-014 Pattern Triangles
Code: MKMRS014
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MKM RS-015 RS-015 Pattern Wavy Lines
Code: MKMRS015
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MKM RS-016 RS-016 Pattern Basket Weave
Code: MKMRS016
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MKM RS-017 RS-017 Pattern Rope Coil
Code: MKMRS017
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MKM RS-018 RS-018 Pattern Double Rope
Code: MKMRS018
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MKM RS-019 RS-019 Pattern Twining Strands
Code: MKMRS019
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MKM RS-016 RS-020 Pattern Narrow Rope Twining
Code: MKMRS020
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MKM RS-021 RS-021 Pattern Diagonal Up Left
Code: MKMRS021
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MKM RS-022 RS-022 Pattern Diagonal Up Right
Code: MKMRS022
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MKM RS-023 RS-023 Pattern Wide Grid
Code: MKMRS023
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MKM RS-024 RS-024 Pattern Embossed Flowers
Code: MKMRS024
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MKM RS-025 RS-025 Pattern Zig-Zag and Triangles
Code: MKMRS025
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MKM RS-026 RS-026 Pattern Leafy Vine
Code: MKMRS026
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MKM RS-027 RS-027 Pattern Fleur-de-lis
Code: MKMRS027
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MKM RS-028 RS-028 Pattern Gingko Leaves
Code: MKMRS028
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MKM RS-029 RS-029 Pattern Dog Prints
Code: MKMRS029
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MKM RS-030 RS-030 Pattern Geometric Design 1
Code: MKMRS030
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MKM RS-031 RS-031 Pattern Geometric Design 2
Code: MKMRS031
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MKM RS-032 RS-032 Pattern Flowers & Vines
Code: MKMRS032
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MKM RS-033 Small Handle Roller – Cobbles RS-032 Pattern Cobbles
Code: MKMRS033
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MKM RS-101 RS-101 Pattern Single Big Grove
Code: MKMRS101
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MKM RS-103 RS-103 Pattern Six Small Groves
Code: MKMRS103
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Medium Rollers

MKM RM-001 RM-001 Pattern Square Spirals
Code: MKMRM001
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MKM RM-002 RM-002 Pattern Braid
Code: MKMRM002
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MKM RM-003 RM-003 Pattern Medium Zig Zag
Code: MKMRM003
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MKM RM-004 RM-004 Pattern Celtic Knots
Code: MKMRM004
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MKM RM-005 RM-005 Pattern Spirals
Code: MKMRM005
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MKM RM-006 RM-006 Pattern Fish
Code: MKMRM006
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MKM RM-007 RM-007 Pattern Large Zig Zag
Code: MKMRM007
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MKM RM-008 RM-008 Pattern Basket Weave 2
Code: MKMRM008
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MKM RM-009 RM-009 Pattern Geometric
Code: MKMRM009
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MKM RM-010 RM-010 Pattern 3-Dot Rows
Code: MKMRM010
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MKM RM-011 RM-011 Pattern Hotozontal Lines
Code: MKMRM011
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MKM RM-012 RM-012 Pattern Diagonal Lines
Code: MKMRM012
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MKM RM-013 RM-013 Pattern Grid
Code: MKMRM013
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MKM RM-014 RM-014 Pattern Basket Weave 1
Code: MKMRM014
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MKM RM-015 RM-015 Pattern Small Zig Zag 1
Code: MKMRM015
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MKM RM-016 RM-016 Pattern Small Zig Zag 2
Code: MKMRM016
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MKM RM-017 RM-017 Pattern Wavy Lines
Code: MKMRM017
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MKM RM-018 RM-018 Pattern Large Diagonal Zig-Zag
Code: MKMRM018
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MKM RM-019 RM-019 Pattern Plaited Bands
Code: MKMRM019
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MKM RM-021 RM-021 Pattern Art Nouveau 1
Code: MKMRM021
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MKM RM-022 RM-022 Pattern Honeycomb
Code: MKMRM022
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MKM RM-023 RM-023 Pattern Medium Grid
Code: MKMRM023
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MKM RM-024 RM-024 Pattern Wild Organic Abstract
Code: MKMRM024
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MKM RM-025 RM-025 Pattern Curvy Zebra
Code: MKMRM025
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MKM RM-026 RM-026 Pattern Fern Leaves
Code: MKMRM026
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MKM RM-027 RM-027 Pattern Gingko Leaves
Code: MKMRM027
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MKM RM-028 RM-028 Pattern Tri-Spirals
Code: MKMRM028
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MKM RM-029 RM-029 Pattern Cavorting Dolphins
Code: MKMRM029
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MKM RM-030 RM-030 Pattern Crowing Roosters
Code: MKMRM030
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MKM RM-031 RM-031 Pattern Wild Horses
Code: MKMRM031
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MKM RM-032 RM-032 Pattern Butterflies
Code: MKMRM032
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MKM RM-033 RM-033 Pattern American Bison
Code: MKMRM033
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MKM RM-034 RM-034 Pattern Diagonal Up Left
Code: MKMRM034
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MKM RM-035 RM-035 Pattern Diagonal and Triangles
Code: MKMRM035
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MKM RM-036 RM-036 Pattern Cobbles
Code: MKMRM036
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MKM RM-037 RM-037 Pattern Twin Rope
Code: MKMRM037
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MKM RM-038 RM-038 Pattern Wide Rope
Code: MKMRM038
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MKM RM-039 RM-039 Pattern Double Helix
Code: MKMRM039
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MKM RM-040 RM-040 Pattern Big Rope Narrow Strands
Code: MKMRM040
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MKM RM-041 RM-041 Pattern Brick Work
Code: MKMRM041
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MKM RM-042 RM-042 Pattern Loose Braid
Code: MKMRM042
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MKM RM-043 RM-043 Pattern Flowers
Code: MKMRM043
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MKM RM-044 RM-044 Pattern Basket Weave 2
Code: MKMRM044
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MKM RM-045 RM-045 Pattern Fleur-de-lis
Code: MKMRM045
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MKM RM-046 RM-046 Pattern Flowers & Vines
Code: MKMRM046
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MKM RM-047 Medium Handle Roller – Deco Fans RM-047 Pattern Deco Fans
Code: MKMRM047
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MKM RM-048 Medium Handle Roller – Celtic Boarder 1 RM-048 Pattern Celtic Boarder 1
Code: MKMRM048
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MKM RM-049 Medium Handle Roller – Celtic Boarder 2 RM-049 Pattern Celtic Border 2
Code: MKMRM049
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MKM RM-050 Medium Handle Roller – Deco Zigzag RM-050 Pattern Deco Zigzag
Code: MKMRM050
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MKM RM-051 Medium Handle Roller – Nouveau Floral RM-051 Pattern Nouveau Floral
Code: MKMRM051
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MKM RM-052 Medium Handle Roller – Overlapping Squares RM-052 Pattern Overlapping Squares
Code: MKMRM052
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MKM RM-053 Medium Handle Roller – Mountain Landscape RM-053 Pattern Mountain Landscape
Code: MKMRM053
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MKM RM-054 Medium Handle Roller – Flying Butterfly RM-054 Pattern Flying Butterfly
Code: MKMRM054
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MKM RM-055 Medium Handle Roller – Fire RM-055 Pattern Fire
Code: MKMRM055
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MKM RM-056 Medium Handle Roller – Running Horses RM-056 Pattern Running Horses
Code: MKMRM056
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MKM RM-057 Medium Handle Roller – Slanted Crosshatch RM-057 Pattern Slanted Crosshatch
Code: MKMRM057
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MKM RM-058 Medium Handle Roller – Layered Lines RM-058 Pattern Layered Lines
Code: MKMRM058
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MKM RM-059 Medium Handle Roller – Flamingo RM-059 Pattern Flamingo
Code: MKMRM059
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MKM RM-060 Medium Handle Roller – Layered Zigzag RM-060 Pattern Layered Zigzag
Code: MKMRM060
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MKM RM-061 Medium Handle Roller – Palm Trees RM-061 Pattern Palm Trees
Code: MKMRM061
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MKM RM-101 RM-101 Pattern 4 Wide Grooves
Code: MKMRM101
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MKM RM-102 RM-102 Pattern 6 Medium Grooves
Code: MKMRM102
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Large Rollers

MKM RL-001 Pattern Small Zig Zag
Code: MKMRL001
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MKM RL-002 Pattern Wavy Lines
Code: MKMRL002
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MKM RL-003 Pattern Big Braid
Code: MKMRL003
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MKM RL-004 Pattern Basket Weave
Code: MKMRL004
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MKM RL-005 Pattern >Large Zig Zag
Code: MKMRL005
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MKM RL-006 Pattern Medium Zig Zag
Code: MKMRL006
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MKM RL-007 Pattern Diamonds
Code: MKMRL007
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MKM-RL-008 Large Handle Roller – Cobbles
MKM RL-008 Pattern Cobbles
Code: MKMRL008
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MKM-RL-009 Large Handle Roller – Loose Weave
MKM RL-009 Pattern Loose Weave
Code: MKMRL009
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MKM-RL-010 Large Handle Roller – Rococo
MKM RL-010 Pattern Rococo
Code: MKMRL010
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MKM-RL-011 Large Handle Roller – Dancing
MKM RL-011 Pattern Dancing
Code: MKMRL011
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MKM-RL-012 Large Handle Roller – River Rapids
MKM RL-012 Pattern River Rapids
Code: MKMRL012
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MKM-RL-013 Large Handle Roller – Funky Floral
MKM RL-013 Pattern Funky Floral
Code: MKMRL013
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MKM-RL-014 Large Handle Roller – Diagonal Waves
MKM RL-014 Pattern Diagonal Waves
Code: MKMRL014
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MKM-RL-015 Large Handle Roller – Cityscape
MKM RL-015 Pattern Cityscape
Code: MKMRL015
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MKM-RL-016 Large Handle Roller – Slalom
MKM RL-016 Pattern Slalom
Code: MKMRL016
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MKM-RL-017 Large Handle Roller – Fans
MKM RL-017 Pattern Fans
Code: MKMRL017
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MKM-RL-018 Large Handle Roller – Deco Zigzag
MKM RL-018 Pattern Deco Zigzag
Code: MKMRL018
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MKM-RL-019 Large Handle Roller – Birds on Wire
MKM RL-019 Pattern Birds on Wire
Code: MKMRL019
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MKM-RL-020 Large Handle Roller – Cracked Glass
MKM RL-020 Pattern Cracked Glass
Code: MKMRL020
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MKM-RL-021 Large Handle Roller – Wild Field
MKM RL-021 Pattern Wild Field
Code: MKMRL021
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MKM-RL-022 Large Handle Roller – Maori Spirals 2
MKM RL-022 Pattern Maori Sprials 2
Code: MKMRL022
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MKM-RL-023 Large Handle Roller – Maori Spirals
MKM RL-023 Pattern Maori Sprials
Code: MKMRL023
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MKM-RL-024 Large Handle Roller – Cattails
MKM RL-024 Pattern Cattails
Code: MKMRL024
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MKM-RL-025 Large Handle Roller – Wave
MKM RL-025 Pattern Wave
Code: MKMRL025
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MKM-RL-026 Large Handle Roller – Clematis
MKM RL-026 Pattern Clematis
Code: MKMRL026
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MKM-RL-027 Large Handle Roller – Mountain Landscape
MKM RL-027 Pattern Mountain Landscape
Code: MKMRL027
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MKM-RL-028 Large Handle Roller – Himalayan Mountains
MKM RL-028 Pattern Himalayan Mountains
Code: MKMRL028
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MKM-RL-029 Large Handle Roller – Mountain Reflections
MKM RL-029 Pattern Mountain Reflections
Code: MKMRL029
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MKM-RL-030 Large Handle Roller – Deco Fan
MKM RL-030 Pattern Mountain Reflections
Code: MKMRL030
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MKM-RL-031 Large Handle Roller – Mountain Range
MKM RL-031 Pattern Mountain Range
Code: MKMRL031
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MKM-RL-032 Large Handle Roller – Mountain Forest
MKM RL-032 Pattern Mountain Forest
Code: MKMRL032
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MKM-RL-033 Large Handle Roller – Overlapping Diamonds
MKM RL-033 Pattern Overlapping Diamonds
Code: MKMRL033
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MKM-RL-034 Large Handle Roller – Running Horses
MKM RL-034 Pattern Running Horses
Code: MKMRL034
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MKM-RL-035 Large Handle Roller – Layered Lines
MKM RL-035 Pattern Layered Lines
Code: MKMRL035
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MKM-RL-036 Large Handle Roller – Flamingo
MKM RL-036 Pattern Flamingo
Code: MKMRL036
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MKM-RL-037 Large Handle Roller – Cincinati River Boar
MKM RL-037 Pattern Cincinnati River Boat
Code: MKMRL037
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MKM-RL-038 Large Handle Roller – Cincinnati Skyline
MKM RL-038 Pattern Cincinnati Skyline
Code: MKMRL038
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MKM-RL-039 Large Handle Roller – Cactus
MKM RL-039 Pattern Cactus
Code: MKMRL039
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MKM-RL-040 Large Handle Roller – Wild Flowers
MKM RL-040 Pattern Wild Flowers
Code: MKMRL040
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MKM-RL-041 Large Handle Roller – Monstera
MKM RL-041 Pattern Monstera
Code: MKMRL041
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MKM-RL-042 Large Handle Roller – Prairie Flowers
MKM RL-042 Pattern Prairie Flowers
Code: MKMRL042
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MKM-RL-043 Large Handle Roller – Mushrooms
MKM RL-043 Pattern Mushrooms
Code: MKMRL043
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MKM RL-102 Pattern Small Bump
Code: MKMRL102
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MKM RL-103 Pattern Small Grooves
Code: MKMRL103
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MKM RL-104 Pattern Slanted Grooves
Code: MKMRL104
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MKM RL-105 Pattern Big Bumps
Code: MKMRL105
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MKM RL-106 Pattern Big Grooves
Code: MKMRL106
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MKM RL-107 Pattern Big "V" Grooves
Code: MKMRL107
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All new MKM HandRollers4Clay!

51 Designs carved in wood. Excellent for slabs and for pots thrown on the wheel.

  • No handle is needed with these rollers. Just roll them with your hand!
  • Roll vertically up the wall of a thrown pot, or anywhere on a slab.
  • HandRoller dimensions:  10cm (4 inches) long, 1.5cm (0.6 inches) diameter.
  • Remember, the black lines are what will stick out of the surface of the clay.
MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-01 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-01
Diagonal Ridges
Code: MKMHR01
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-02 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-02 Vertical Lines
Code: MKMHR02
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-03 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-03 Waves
Code: MKMHR03
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-04 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-04 Horizontal Lines
Code: MKMHR04
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-05 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-05 Bubbles
Code: MKMHR05
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-06 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-06 Zig Zag
Code: MKMHR06
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-07 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-07 Braids
Code: MKMHR07
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-08 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-08 Frost
Code: MKMHR08
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-09 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-09 Curlicue
Code: MKMHR09
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-10 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-10 Cobbles
Code: MKMHR10
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-11 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-11 Tri Spiral
Code: MKMHR11
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-12 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-12 Dots
Code: MKMHR12
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-13 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-13 Starburst
Code: MKMHR13
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-14 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-14 Leaves
Code: MKMHR14
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-15 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-15 Crosshatch
Code: MKMHR15
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-16 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-16 Diamonds
Code: MKMHR16
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-17 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-17 Ferns
Code: MKMHR17
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-18 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-18 Zebra
Code: MKMHR18
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-19 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-19 Basket Weave 1
Code: MKMHR19
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-20 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-20 Diagonal
Code: MKMHR20
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-21 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-21 Blocks
Code: MKMHR21
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-22 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-22 Small Blocks
Code: MKMHR22
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-23 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-23 Basket Weave 2
Code: MKMHR23
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-24 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-24 Fine Basket Weave
Code: MKMHR24
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-25 Fleur-de-lis
Code: MKMHR25
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-26 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-26 Dots & Lines
Code: MKMHR26
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-27 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-27 Daisy
Code: MKMHR27
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-28 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-28 Glactic Spiral
Code: MKMHR28
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-29 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-29 Big Spiral
Code: MKMHR29
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-30 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-30 Square Pop Art
Code: MKMHR30
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-31 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-31 Sunburst
Code: MKMHR31
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-32 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-32 Sea Turtles
Code: MKMHR32
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-33 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-33 Skulls
Code: MKMHR33
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-34 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-34 Flying Bats
Code: MKMHR34
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-35 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-35 Maple Leaves
Code: MKMHR35
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-36 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-36 Stars & Moons
Code: MKMHR36
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-37 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-37 WishboneWeave
Code: MKMHR37
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-38 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-38 Orca
Code: MKMHR38
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-39 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-39 Elvis Paisley
Code: MKMHR39
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-40 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-40 Palmetto Garden
Code: MKMHR40
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-41 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-41 Tropical Beach
Code: MKMHR41
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-42 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-42 Laura's Flora
Code: MKMHR42
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-43 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-43 Sardine Marine
Code: MKMHR43
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-44 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-44 Ancient Hands
Code: MKMHR44
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-45 Swooping Swallows
Code: MKMHR45
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-46 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-46 Canyonlands
Code: MKMHR46
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-47 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-47 Flowing Waters
Code: MKMHR47
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-48 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-48 Salmon Run
Code: MKMHR48
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-49 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-49 Saguaro Paradise
Code: MKMHR49
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-50 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-50 Falling Leaves
Code: MKMHR50
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-51 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-51 Crazy Wicker
Code: MKMHR51
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-52 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-52 Dragon Fly Party
Code: MKMHR52
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-53 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-53 Wild and Crazy
Code: MKMHR53
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-54 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-54 Stone Wall
Code: MKMHR54
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-55 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-55 Umbrella's
Code: MKMHR55
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-56 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-56 Fish Scales
Code: MKMHR56
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-57 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-57 Lone Peak
Code: MKMHR57
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-58 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-58 Dots
Code: MKMHR58
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-59 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-59 Dancing
Code: MKMHR59
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-60 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMHR-60 Topographic
Code: MKMHR60
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MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-61 MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-61 Feathers
Code: MKMHR61
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MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-62 MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-62 Herringbone Pattern
Code: MKMHR62
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MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-63 MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-63 Knit Stitch
Code: MKMHR63
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MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-64 MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-64 Rain
Code: MKMHR64
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MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-65 MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-65 Snake Skin
Code: MKMHR65
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MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-66 MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-66 Honeycomb
Code: MKMHR66
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MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-67 MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-67 Waffle
Code: MKMHR67
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MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-68 MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-68 Maori Spirals
Code: MKMHR68
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MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-69 MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-69 3D Zigzag
Code: MKMHR69
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MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-70 MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-70 Chinese Windows
Code: MKMHR70
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MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-71 MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-71 Lines and Spaces
Code: MKMHR71
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MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-72 MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-72 Horizontal Lines
Code: MKMHR72
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MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-73 MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-73 Vertical Lines
Code: MKMHR73
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MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-74 MKM HandRoller4Clay HR-74 Triangle Pattern
Code: MKMHR74
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Big HandRollers

All new MKM Big HandRollers

BHR Hand Rollers are 12 cm (4.75 inches) long and 2.5 cm (1.0 inch) in diameter. You simply roll the roller with your hand across the clay or up the wall of a pot to create a pattern in the clay.

MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-04 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-04
Code: MKMBHR04
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-09 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-09
Big Leaves
Code: MKMBHR09
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-10 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-10
Code: MKMBHR10
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-11 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-11
Big Woven
Code: MKMBHR11
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-14 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-014
Flying Swallows
Code: MKMBHR014
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-020 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-020
Big Wave
Code: MKMBHR020
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-079 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-079
Psychedelic Wave
Code: MKMBHR079
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-097 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-097
Geometric Flower Pattern
Code: MKMBHR097
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-098 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-098
Quilt Pattern
Code: MKMBHR098
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-103 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-103
Sweater Knit Stitch
Code: MKMBHR103
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-104 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-104
Winter Woods
Code: MKMBHR104
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-106 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-106
Deco Fan
Code: MKMBHR106
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-107 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-107
Circuit Board
Code: MKMBHR107
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-108 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-108
Large Fern
Code: MKMBHR108
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-145 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-145
Hibiscus Flowers
Code: MKMBHR145
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-147 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-147
Code: MKMBHR147
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MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-150 MKM HandRoller4Clay MKMBHR-150
Evergreen Forest
Code: MKMBHR150
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Long HandRollers

All new MKM Long HandRollers

LHR Hand Rollers are 7.9 inches (20 cm) long and 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter. Simply roll the LHR roller with your hand across the clay to create a beautiful pattern. The MKM Roller Board can help create long smooth rolls and avoid knuckle bumps.

MKM Long HandRoller4Clay MKMLHR-011 MKM Long HandRoller4Clay MKMLHR-011
Horizontal Waves
Code: MKMLHR011
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MKM Long HandRoller4Clay MKMLHR-033 MKM Long HandRoller4Clay MKMLHR-033
Code: MKMLHR033
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MKM Long HandRoller4Clay MKMLHR-036 MKM Long HandRoller4Clay MKMLHR-036
Evergreen Forest
Code: MKMLHR036
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MKM FingerRollers4Clay

All new MKM FingerRollers4Clay!

Designs carved in wood. Excellent for slabs and for pots thrown on the wheel.

  • No handle is needed with these rollers. Just roll them with your fingers!
  • Roll vertically up the wall of a thrown pot, or anywhere on a slab.
  • HandRoller dimensions:  8mm width, 5.5cm diameter.
  • Remember, the black lines are what will stick out of the surface of the clay.
MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-01 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-01
Code: MKMFR01
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-02 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-02 Square
Code: MKMFR02
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-03 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-03 Triangle
Code: MKMFR03
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-04 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-04 Fancy Zigzag
Code: MKMFR04
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-05 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-05 Rope
Code: MKMFR05
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-06 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-06 Daosy
Code: MKMFR06
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-07 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-07 Twine
Code: MKMFR07
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-08 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-08 Stars
Code: MKMFR08
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-09 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-09 Braid
Code: MKMFR09
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-10 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-10 Vine with Leaves and Flowers
Code: MKMFR10
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-11 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-11 Greek Key Square
Code: MKMFR11
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-12 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-12 Greek Key Spiral
Code: MKMFR12
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-13 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-13 Waves
Code: MKMFR13
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-14 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-14 Zip Zap
Code: MKMFR14
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-15 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-15 Geometric
Code: MKMFR15
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-16 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-16 Arrowhead
Code: MKMFR16
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-17 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-17 Bar Code
Code: MKMFR17
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-18 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-18 Double V
Code: MKMFR18
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-19 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-19 Zigzag Dots
Code: MKMFR19
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-20 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-20 Lines and Dots
Code: MKMFR20
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MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-21 MKM FingerRoller4Clay MKMFR-21 Row of Dots
Code: MKMFR21
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Throwing Rib

All the MKM Throwing Tools™ are handmade from beautiful hardwood and finished to resist water for a lifetime. Each rib head is made from the same wood, and is attached to the handle using a stainless screw, two washers, and a metal insert in the handle. The rib heads can be interchanged with other MKM Ribs, or rotated and then retightened. These tools are made to last a lifetime and to be of the very highest quality.
1) Low friction rib heads. Won’t torque walls.
2) Different sizes and shapes for different forms.
2) Forms the wall as desired through a very narrow opening.
3) Rib heads are interchangeable and replaceable.
4) Made to last a lifetime.

MKMT2 Throwing Tool Tall Jar Tool
12" long Buy Now
MKMT3C Throwing Tool Medium Double Ended Throwing Tool
131/2" long Buy Now
MKMT3C Throwing Tool Large Double Ended Throwing Tool
191/2" long Buy Now

MKM Decorating Discs

15" Decorating Disc Even Side

15" Decorating Disc Odd Side
  Benefits of the MKM Decorating Disk™:
● Make Square, rectangular, or other shaped plates quickly and with ease.
● Use it to guide your patterns with glaze or slip decoration.
● Line up handles and spouts perfectly every time – in seconds.
● Alter the rim of bowl in 3rds, quarters, whatever and be right on every time.
● Mark your bats and templates accurately and quickly.

MKMDD15: Each unit piece includes the following: Two 15 inch MKM Decorating Disks™, one for even divisions and one for odd divisions in a thermally sealed plastic bag with a center hole at the top for hanging. The MKM Decorating Disk™ is patent pending. The 4 inch disk is similar to the 15 inch disk only smaller. It is especially useful for mugs, cups, small lids and other small items, and for decorating the interiors of bowls and plates.

15" Decorating Disc (per set)
Buy Now Code:MKMDD15

4" Decorating Disc (per set)
Buy Now Code: MKMDD04
4" Decorating Disc Even Side 4" Decorating Disc Odd Side
Odd Even Odd
Use your needle tool to mark the piece The secret is in the holes Square Plate Cutting
Using a needle tool to mark through the disk. The secret is in the holes. Hundreds of holes allow
marking through the disk
The MKM Decorating DiskTM makes cutting square plates a cinch

MKM Wood Ribs

MKM Craftsman Series ribs consists of 22 differently shaped ribs made of a medium hard woods. The ribs have a variety of curves, and relatively sharp edges that are straight. The edges are finely sanded by hand and should not contain any dings. MKM feels that it is important for the curves of the rib to be constant. Each rib is finished with an oil and wax mixture that is deeply applied to the rib to make it more durable in water. Please note these images are not to scale.
  Product Dimensions  
MKM W1 General Rib W1 General Use Rib 31/2" x 17/8" Buy Now
W2A Small Interior Rib W2A Small Interior Rib 21/2" x 13/4" Buy Now
W2B Medium Bowl Rib W2B Medium Bowl Rib 41/2" x 3" Buy Now
W2C Large Bowl Rib W2C Large Bowl Rib 63/4" x 41/2" Buy Now
W3A Small Rib W3A Small Rib 3" x 11/8" Buy Now
W4 General Use Rib W4 General Use Rib 45/8" x 17/8" Buy Now
W5 Interior Corner Rib W5 Interior Corner Rib 23/4" x 2" Buy Now
W6 Outside Curve Rib W6 Outside Curve Rib 41/8" x 17/8" Buy Now
Medium Bowl Rib W8A Medium Bowl Rib 41/8" x 21/4" Buy Now
W8B Big Bowl Rib W8B Big Bowl Rib 63/4" x 27/8" Buy Now
W9 Trimming Rib W9 Trimming Rib 41/4" x 2" Buy Now
W10 Plate Cylinder Small Rib W10 Plate & Cylinder Small Rib 41/4" x 2" Buy Now
W11 Cylinder Rib W11 Cylinder Rib 41/8" x 2" Buy Now
W12B Large Bowl Rib W12B Large Bowl Rib 6" x 37/8" Buy Now
W20 Big Curved Rib W20 Big Curved Rib 8" x 21/8" Buy Now
W21 Flanged Plate Slab Rib W21 Flanged Plate & Slab Rib 83/4" x 2" Buy Now
W22 Medium Plate Rib W22 Medium Plate Rib 121/2" x 21/8" Buy Now

MKM Roller board

The Roller Board provides clay artists the ability to smoothly and easily roll any MKM Hand Roller, such as the HR Rollers, the BHR Big Hand Rollers, the LHR Long Hand Rollers, and Twigs. The silicone covered rolling surface is rigid and provides a firm grip, even pressure and a long smooth roll. To clean the Roller Board wipe with a moist cloth.

Size: The 13.75 inch (35cm) long and 3.125 inches (8cm) wide
  Product Dimensions  
MKM Roller Board Roller Board 133/4" x 31/8" Buy Now

Steve Tool

The Steve Tool is a texture application tool. One tool can be configured in many ways for different texture results. Textured surfaces can add another layer of interest to your thrown and slab forms.
Steve Tool Steve Tool   Buy Now