Minnesota Clay Potter's Pens

An Artist can draw on bisqueware and cover with a clear glaze using our underglaze Potter's Pens, which come in 18 different colors to choose from. There is also a wax resist pen. Potter's Pens can be fired to Cone 9 (except Rose Cone 4.)
Our Potter's Pens are AP (Non-Toxic)

Click here for an animation and instructions on how to use the Potter's Pens.

Potter's Pen

Minnesota Clay's Potter's Pens were featured in a Pottery Making Illustrated article.

November/December 2010

Pretty as a Picture: Tips for Using Underglaze, Oxide, and Glaze Pens to Draw on Clay
by Holly Goring Read Comments (10)

I love pots with pattern and imagery and have done a lot with screen printing and stencils in my work. Lately I have been wanting to start experimenting with the variety of oxide, underglaze, and glaze pens that are on the market. In today’s blog post, I am going to share an excerpt from the PMI archives, which includes tips for working with these handy tools.

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Baby Blue Pen Sample   Black Pen Sample Blue Pen Sample
Baby Blue Black Blue
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 Bright Red Pen Sample Brilliant Orange Pen Sample Brown Pen Sample
Bright Red Brilliant Orange Brown
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Chartreuse Pen Sample Dark Blue Pen Sample Gold Pen Sample
Chartreuse Dark Blue Gold
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Gray Pen Sample Green Pen Sample Lavender Pen Sample
Gray Green Lavender
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Pink Terra Cotta Teal
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Turquoise Pen Sample Violet Pen Sample White Pen Sample
Turquoise Violet White
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Yellow Pen Sample Wax Resist Pen Sample Potter's Pen 6 Pack Sample
Yellow Wax Resist Potter's Pen 6 Pack
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Potter's Pen 12 Pack Potter's Pen Complete Pack  
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