Kiln Controllers & Pyrometers

Skutt KilnMaster Controller
A wall mounted controller that provides positive control of firing both up or down. Fire with one of two modes: cone firing or a programmable eight segment ramp hold mode. Supplied with cord and receptacle. Shipping weight is 12 lbs.
  • Specify voltage of kiln for controller
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Buy Now Skutt Kiln Master Controller Kiln Master Controller 1ph, 50 amp SKKM1
Buy Now Kiln Master Controller 3ph, 40 amp SKKM3

Skutt Analog Pyrometer
If you are ordering a Kiln Sitter kiln you may want to equip it with a Skutt Analog Pyrometer. A pyrometer will let you know what the temperature of the kiln chamber is throughout the entire fi ring. This is especially helpful to know when you are firing glass, heat treating metal or troubleshooting your kiln. The pyrometer comes with a MI Cable Type K thermocouple and all the mounting hardware needed. The maximum temperature reading is 2500ºF.
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Buy Now Skutt Pyrometer with thermocouple Pyrometer with thermocouple SKPYRO
Buy Now Thermocouple replacement SKTHERM

Skutt Digital Pyrometer
This dual pyrometer is used for monitoring the temperature and checking the accuracy of the a kiln. It comes with 8” Type K Thermocouple and Block with 5 ft. wire extension and a mounting flange with screws. The unit also comes with a 9-volt battery already installed and has an auto-off feature.
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Buy Now Skutt Digital Pyrometer Digital Pyrometer SKPYROD

Cottone Analog Pyrometer
An inexpensive temperature indicator for use in either electric or gas kilns. To be mounted away from kiln - protecting meter face from excessive heat. Maximum temperature 2500ºF. Includes pyrometer, 12” thermocouple and 3 ft. lead wire (6 ft. lead is optional). One year warranty on pyrometer only.
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Buy Now Cottone Pyrometer - complete Pyrometer - complete CTPYRO
Buy Now 12" Thermocouple protector tube CTPT
Buy Now 12" Thermocouple CTHERM
Buy Now 12" Thermocouple with block CTTHERM

Olympic Electro Sitter
Electro Sitter will replace your obsolete kiln sitter model! The Electro Sitter comes complete with electronic controller of your choice for cone-fire or ramp/hold programming, an attached Type K thermocouple, ceramic fiber, and electronic controller manual. Installation is easy. The Electro Sitter will fit where the kiln sitter/timer is attached to the kiln. Simply remove the screws from the kiln sitter on the front of the kiln, then detach wires connecting to the kiln sitter. Wires will be attached to the back of the Electro Sitter exactly as they were attached to the kiln sitter terminal block.
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Buy Now Olympic Electro Sitter 3K-CF Electro Sitter 3K-CF OKES3KCF
Buy Now Olympic Electro Sitter V6-CF Electro Sitter V6-CF OKESV6
Buy Now Olympic Electro Sitter RTC-1000 Electro Sitter RTC-1000 OKESRTC