Safety Equipment

Minnesota carries a wide range of safety equipment. We carry masks for mixing, heat shield mask for raku firing, gloves and mittens for handling hot pieces and aprons that suit a variety of functions.
Masks Gloves Aprons
The #8210 is 99% effective against dust with mean particle diameter of .04-.06 microns. Weight 1/4 oz. The #8511 is slightly thicker and denser filter material than the #8210 but does not affect easy breathing. This mask is tighter fitting and has a longer life.
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Temporarily out of stock #8210 Mask #8210 Mask SE8710
Temporarily out of stock #8511 Mask #8511 Mask SE9900
3M 6000 Repirator
The 6000 Series is not a typical high-maintenance respirator because it can be disassembled, cleaned and reused many times. Its also not a typical reusable respirator because it has no parts to replace (except filters). Lightweight, cost effective, comfortable and reusable are a few of the advantages of this respirator. NIOSH/MSHA approved. Contains natural latex which may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.
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Temporarily out of stock 3M Small Respirator without filters Small Respirator without filters SE6100
Temporarily out of stock 3M Medium Respirator without filters Medium Respirator without filters SE6200
Temporarily out of stock 3M Large Respirator without filters Large Respirator without filters SE6300
Temporarily out of stock 3M Replacement fiters (pair) Replacement fiters (pair) SE2071
Heat Reflective Safety Mask
Steel mesh visor protects face and neck from heat and sparks during kiln firing. Especially useful for raku work. Visor may be flipped up for clear viewing.
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Buy Now Heat Reflective Safety Mask Heat Reflective Safety Mask SEHRSM
Buy Now Replacement Visor Replacement visor only SERMSKV

Gloves & Mittens

Heat Shield Gloves
Straight thumb with thumb strap. Russet colored select shoulder split cowhide. Kevlar sewn with full sock lining. Full finger welting. Will shrink and stiffen at 500°F. 14" long.
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Buy Now Heat Shield Glove Heat Shield Glove MAGGLOV
Glass Gloves
Approximately the same heat protection as the asbestos type but not as abrasion resistant. Gloves with leather stiffen permanently with heat contact in excess of 500°F. 14" long.
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Buy Now Glass Gloves Glass Gloves SEGG14
Buy Now Glass Gloves with leather Palm Glass Gloves with leather Palm SEGG14L
Pyro Prong Mittens
Steel stitched, multiple layer insulated gloves ideal for high heat use, such as raku firing. Extremely abrasion resistant and durable. Can be used for intermittent pickup of hot pots or with tongs. Leather will permanently stiffen at 500°F. 14" long.
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Buy Now Pyro Prong Mittens Pyro Prong Mittens SEGPYRO
Thermonol® Gloves and Mittens
Fully lined. Same heat resistance as asbestos, but more durable and lighter weight. 500°F durable.
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Buy Now 11" Thermonol Gloves 11" Thermonol® Gloves SETG11
Buy Now 14" Thermonol Gloves 14" Thermonol® Gloves SETG14


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Buy Now Claypron by Echo Ceramics Split-leg Apron for Potters
Unique overlap split design provides coverage from side to side and top to bottom without having to adjust the apron on your knees or strap the bottom to your ankles.
Buy Now Split-leg Throwing Apron Split-leg Throwing Apron
Made of a heavy cotton, four large pockets, straps for legs.
Buy Now Heat Reflective Apron Heat Reflective Apron
Made of aluminized rayon, this apron is lightweight and durable.
Ideally suited for use around kilns. 24”W x 32”L
Buy Now Studio Apron Studio Apron
Ideal for studio use. Split front. Made of 11 oz. cotton - flame retardant. 24” x 36” length.