Kemper Wire Tools & Kemper Wire Wood Tools

5" & 6" Wire and Wood Tools
These 5" and 6" tools re used for delicate clay removal, modeling and shaping. They are made with plated high strength piano wire, brass ferrules and hardwood shaft.
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8" Wire and Wood Tools
Suitable for medium duty clay removal, shaping and modeling, these tools are made from high strength stainless steel wire, brass ferrules, and have a smooth hardwood handles.
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Buy Now 8" WE8A 8" WE8A KTWE8A
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Classique Sculpturing Tool 
This tool combines smoothly finished hardwood sculpturing and modeling handles with tough, sharpened high carbon steel cutting heads. Assembled with heavy brass ferrules, this rugged tool is suitable for most clay sculpting applications. 
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Buy Now  13" Classique Sculpturing Tool  13" Classique
Sculpturing Tool

6" Double End Wire Tools 
Universally popular lengths. Wires are hardened high carbon sprint steel locked solid brass ferrules. Handles of domestic hardwood. 
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Buy Now  6" D1  6" D1 KTD1
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