Miscellaneous Tools


The Glaze Hydrometer is used to determine the specific gravity of a glaze. The Hydrometer enables consistent water ratios from batch to batch. Requires 8” minimum depth of liquid for accurate reading. Wet hydrometer before using. Reading should be in the range of 1.0-2.0.

The Slip Hydrometer is intended for casting slips. This affordable hydrometer measures specific gravity between 1.6 and 1.85 g/ml.

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Buy Now Glaze Hydrometer Glaze Hydrometer MTGLZHY
Buy Now Slip Hydrometer Slip Hydrometer MTSLIPHY
Heat-treated, coated metal trimming tool. Five cutting edges, easily re-sharpened.
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Buy Now Blue Trim Gin Blue Trim Gin MTTRIM
Buy Now Red Trim Gin Red Trim Gin MTTRIMR
Spring Brass Rib
Large, thick brass rib ideal for smoothing large pieces. Can be used as a profile tool for mugs or bowls. 6” x 27/8”. Half-moon shape.
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Buy Now Spring Brass Rib Spring Brass Rib MTRIB
BeeBalm BeesWax Cream Lotion
A natural hand and body lotion derived from pure beeswax; no fixatives or stabilizers. Possesses great protective qualities.
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Buy Now Beeswax Cream Lotion Beeswax Cream Lotion SEBEES