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Earthenware Clay Bodies

Earthenware Clay Bodies are an easy throwing and handbuilding clay. These clays are great for classrooms. We offer a White and Red Earthenware clays that are low firing and very easy to use. White Earthenware is our most popular clay body. We also offer Number 7 White Buff. This body is buff in color and has a wide firing range.

Earthenware is a low fire clay body made from a porous, non-vitrifying clay body. This is the most common type of clay. Earthenware bodies may be finer and have various colors, ranging from white to gray, buff and red. Terra-cotta is one type of earthenware that is relatively coarse and red in color. Earthenware clays are usually fired between Cone 06- Cone 2. At these temperatures the clay body is still porous and needs to be glazed if it is to be used as dinnerware.

Earthenware clays normally rely on talc (magnesia) as an active flux (melter), and ball clay as a source of silica, alumina and plasticity. The end result is a clay mixture that fires bright white between cone 06 and cone 2. Above cone 2, many earthenware bodies will begin to melt and slump and liquefy at cone 6!

White Earthenware Clay Red Earthenware Clay Number 7 White Buff Clay
Number 7
White Buff
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