Pyrometric Cones & Misc. Kiln Items

Self-Supporting Cones
Self-Supporting Cones are the most accurate and easiest to use witness cones available. They provide the same information as Orton Large Cones. The advantage of Self-Supporting cones is that they are the correct height (1 3/4" exposed above the base) and have the 8 degree bending angle built in. They do not require plaques. Self-Supporting cones can be set on any flat surface.

Self Supportiong Cones are recomended by glaze and kiln manufacturers to achieve the best results.
Orton Self-Supporting Cones come 25 in a box.
    Description Code
Buy Now Self-Supporting Pyrometric Cone 07 Cone 07 COSS07
Buy Now Cone 06 COSS06
Buy Now Cone 05 COSS05
Buy Now Cone 04 COSS04
Buy Now Cone 4 COSS4
Buy Now Cone 5 COSS5
Buy Now Cone 6 COSS6
Buy Now Cone 7 COSS7
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Large Cones
The large cones are 2” in length and are for use in a cone pack or in large cone holders. Arrange in kiln so that they are visible through a peephole during firing. Temperature is reached when the tip of the cone has bent even with the cone base.
Orton Large Pyrometric Cones come 50 in a box.
    Description Code
Buy Now Large Pyrometric Cones Cone 09 COST09
Buy Now Cone 08 COST08
Buy Now Cone 07 COST07
Buy Now Cone 06 COST06
Buy Now Cone 05 COST05
Buy Now Cone 04 COST04
Buy Now Cone 1 COST1
Buy Now Cone 4 COST4
Buy Now Cone 5 COST5
Buy Now Cone 6 COST6
Buy Now Cone 7 COST7
Buy Now Cone 8 COST8
Buy Now Cone 9 COST9
Buy Now Cone 10 COST10
Buy Now Cone 11 COST11
Buy Now Cone 12 COST12

Small Cones
The small Cones are 1” cones designed primarily for use with the automatic kiln shut-off device. When KilnSitter is correctly adjusted, bending of the small cone should correspond with that of the same numbered large cone.
Orton Small Pyrometric Cones come 50 in a box.
    Description Code
Buy Now Small Pyrometric Cones Cone 018 COJR018
Buy Now Cone 017 COJR017
Buy Now Cone 08 COJR08
Buy Now Cone 07 COJR07
Buy Now Cone 06 COJR06
Buy Now Cone 05 COJR05
Buy Now Cone 04 COJR04
Buy Now Cone 4 COJR4
Buy Now Cone 5 COJR5
Buy Now Cone 6 COJR6
Buy Now Cone 7 COJR7
Buy Now Cone 8 COJR8
Buy Now Cone 9 COJR9
Buy Now Cone 10 COJR10

Large Plaque Holder
Four-holed large cone high-temp holder.
    Description Code
Buy Now Large Plaque Holder Large Plaque Holder KACLCOP

Shelf Rubbing Blocks
Silicon carbide rubbing blocks with comfortable hard plastic handles. For removal of glaze drippings and run-offs on to kiln shelves. Wear eye protection.
    Description Code
Buy Now Small Rubbing Block Small Rubbing Block - 6" x 3" x 1" KASHRUBS
Buy Now Large Rubbing Block Large Rubbing Block - 8" x 31/2" x 11/2" KASHRUB

Stilt Mark Stone
Within seconds you can remove unsightly lines and marks left after firing. 4” long made out of aloxite.
Buy Now Stilt Mark Stone Stilt Mark Stone KTSMS