Shimpo Pugmills

Shimpo Slab Rollers SHIMPO has a variety of high quality pugmills available to fit the needs of studio artists, classrooms, and professionals alike. SHIMPO pugmills are the most efficient and competitive on the market. So whatever your pugmill needs are, make it a SHIMPO! Select a pugmill model above for more details.
Shimpo Pugmills
Shimpo NRA-04
Shimpo PM-071
Shimpo NVA-04S
Shimpo NVS-07
Pugmill Mixer
Shimpo NRA-04 Pugmill  Shimpo PM-071 Pugmill    Shimpo NVS-07 Pugmill Mixer
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4 hp motor  1 hp motor  1/2 hp motor  1 hp motor
880 lbs./hr. 800 lbs./hr.  440 lbs./hr.  730 lbs./hr.
Shimpo Accessory 
Add-A-Vacuum System
Shimpo Add-A-Vacuum System
for the Shimpo PM-071
Code: SHAVS071 & SHAVP071
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Shimpo NRA-04 Pugmill
For school and professional use
Shimpo NRA-04 Pugmill 
Motor: 4 hp, 200W. 115 VAC, 1PH
Extruding Capacity: 880 lbs./hr.
Nozzle Diameter: 31/2" diameter
Hopper Size: 31/2" x 31/2"
Dimensions: 251/2" x 12" x 221/2"
Ship Weight: 04: 210 lbs./04S 232 lbs

The NRA-04 pug mill features twin augers (typically found only in large industrial machines) in a compact and affordable unit. The remarkable blending and extruding capability of this system produces practically air-free clay without requiring a vacuum. The NRA-04 is made of aluminum and NRA-04S is stainless steel.  1 year warranty.
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Code: SHNRA04
Code: SHNRA04S
Stainless Steel
Shimpo PM-071 Pugmill
For school and professional use
Shimpo PM-071 Pugmill 
Motor: 1 hp, 750W. 115 VAC, 1PH
Extruding Capacity: 800 lbs./hr.
Tub Opening: 3" diameter
Hopper Size: 33/4" x 33/4"
Dimensions: 38 x 12" x 15"
Ship Weight: basic: 190 lbs. : vacuum 230 lbs.
Extremely durable design for both school and professional applications; die-cast body resists corrosion, thus preventing clay body contamination. The PM-071 enables one to upgrade as needs grow. Retractable clay rest is convenient for bagging clay; slides under pugmill to save space when not needed.
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Code: SHPM071
Code: SHPM071V
With vacuum
Code: SHPM071VLS
 & limit swith
Shimpo NVA-04S Pugmill
For all levels of ceramic production
Shimpo NVA-04S Pugmill 
Motor: 1/2 hp, 400W, 115 VAC, 60Hz Single Phase
Extruding Capacity:  440 lbs./hr. 
Tub Opening: 31/2" diameter
Hopper Size: 51/2"
Dimensions: 36" x 161/2" x 291/2"
Ship Weight 320 lbs.
The NVA-04S pugmill features newly designed twin augers and a forceful direct gear driven motor for remarkable extruding capability that produces air-free clay and increases clay workability. It features an all-stainless interior for use with porcelain and other light colored clay bodies. The high quality wedging and extruding capacity obtained makes this compact pugmill one of the most efficient and competitive on the market.
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Code: SHNVA04S
Shimpo NVS-07 Pugmill Mixer
For all levels of ceramic production
Shimpo NVS-07 Pugmill Mixer 
Motor: Powerful 1 HP gear motor
Extruding Capacity.:  730 lbs./hr. 
Tub Opening: 31/2" diameter
Hopper Size: 81/2" x 111/2"
Ship Weight 310 lbs.
New on the market this De-Airing Pugmill Mixer features a powerful 1HP Motor for mixing and extruding, it is all stainless steel, giant hopper and good size nozzle (which also is compatible with the add on dies), the clay cutter and roller shelf is included and very easy access for cleaning and maintenance. Also a great feature is the dual safety system that includes a limit switch and overload system. All with a great price and a five year warranty!
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Code: SHNVS07