Minnesota Clay Co. USA Specialty Products

Minnesota Clay Potter's Pens

An Artist can draw on bisqueware and cover with a clear glaze using our underglaze Potter's Pens, which come in 16 different colors to choose from. Potter's Pens can be fired to Cone 9 (except Rose Cone 06.
Our Potter's Pens are AP (Non-Toxic)

Potter's Pen
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Minnesota Clay Potter's Slip

Potter's Slip is a updated version of slip trailing, which is used to create pattern decoration or personalization on your pottery pieces. Potter's Slip can be fired from Cone 06 up to Cone 8. The 4 oz. bottle of slip is conveniently packaged in it's own slip trail bottle.
Our Potter's Slips are AP (Non-Toxic)

Green Slip 4oz. Bottle  Slip Trails
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Minnesota Clay Potter's Pads

Now you can use regular rubber stamps to decorate your pots!  Our underglaze stamp pads are available in 8 colors and can be fired from Cone 06 to Cone 8.
Our Potter's Pads are AP (Non-Toxic)

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Minnesota Clay Choxils

Choxils are a solid underglaze drawing medium similar to a chalk with the density of a pencil. Choxils are the diameter of a standard pencil and can be sharpened in most pencil sharpener. Choxils are applied to bisqueware and are stable up to Cone 8 except Rose which is stable to Cone 7.
Our Choxils are AP (Non-Toxic)

Choxils (Underglaze Chalk Pencils)
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Minnesota Clay Graffito

The principle behind Graffito is that works exactly like carbon paper. The Graffito sheets are embedded with a ceramic underglaze that will transfer to bisqueware when drawn upon using a pen or pencil. This means that any image or photograph can be transferred to your ceramic piece. All colors fire to Cone 8(except Rose Cone 4).
Our Graffito is AP (Non-Toxic)

Graffito Paper (Underglaze Carbon Copy Paper)
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Minnesota Clay Air-Dry Clay

Our Air-Dry Clay is a self hardening clay that has no need to be cured in an oven or a kiln. It is available in gray.Suitable for slab, coil or even wheel-thrown projects. May be finished with paint, stain, or with gloss fixatives. It will completely harden in a few days and is not food safe or good for containing liquids.
Our Rainbow Air-Dry Clay is AP (Non-Toxic)

Gray Rainbow Sample
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Minnesota Clay Wax Resist

A water soluble wax emulsion brushed on to bisqueware or greenware. Glaze, underglaze or slip will not adhere to wax. Now available in with a green tint for better visibility. (Cannot Freeze)
Our Wax Resist is AP (Non-Toxic)

Liquid Wax Resist