SlabMat by Stone Leaf Pottery

SlabMat is the smooth alternative to canvas for rolling out slabs of clay. SlabMat is a proprietary non-woven material used instead of canvas for slab rollers, or rolling slabs with a rolling pin.
SlabMat Class Pack 9 x 9 x - 12 sheets Code: SM99 Class Pack 9 x 9 - 12 sheets
This 9x9 SlabMat is perfect for rolling small items such as tiles or may be used in a classroom setting as work mat for students.
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SlabMat Economy Pack 12 x 14 - 12 sheets Code: SM1214 Economy Pack 12 x 14 - 12 sheets
Economy 12x14 are the perfect SlabMat size for rolling out small plates or may be used as a work surface in a classroom setting.
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SlabMat handbuilding 14 x 16 Code: SM1416 Hand Building 14 x 16
If you roll out a lot of tiles or plates in your studio, this 14x16 Small Handbuilding Mat is your best friend!
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SlabMat Hand Building Large 16 x 22 Code: SM1622 Hand Building Large 16 x 22
The 16x22 SlabMat is the most versatile size of SlabMat.
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