Kemper Ribbon Tools

6" Ribbon Tools  
These tools provide a variety of shapes for light cutting and slicing. these ends are formed from clock-spring steel and are firmly attached with brass ferrules. Click here for a set of 6" Ribbon Tools.
6" Ribbon Tool Set
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Buy Now 6" R1 6" R1 KTR1
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8" Ribbon Tools
Used by potters and sculptors for medium duty clay cutting, shaping and slicing. The cutting ends are formed from high-strength sharpened stainless steel firmly attached to ferruled handles.
Click here for a set of 8" Ribbon Tools.
8" Ribbon Tool Set
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Buy Now 8" 8R1 8" 8R1 KT8R1
Buy Now 8" 8R2 8" 8R2 KT8R2
Buy Now 8" 8R3 8" 8R3 KT8R3
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Buy Now 8" 8R6 8" 8R6 KT8R6

8" & 9" RE Ribbon Tools
These tools combine imported hardwood modeling ends with sharpened stainless steel ribbon cutting ends. The cutting ends are firmly attached with heavy brass ferrules
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Buy Now 8" RE2 8" RE2 KTRE2
Buy Now 8" RE3 9" RE3 KTRE3
Buy Now 8" RE4 8" RE4 KTRE4

5 1/2" Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tool Set
Miniature sculpting tools of fine ribbon steel heat treated for strength. Prefect for fine sculpting, detailing, and trimming. Firmly set in a 1/4" diameter by 5" aluminum handle.
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Buy Now 5 1/2" Mini Ribbon Set 5 1/2" Mini Ribbon Set KTMRS