Clay Extruders & Clay Guns

Northstar Extruders   Brent Extruders and Clay Gun
North Star Big Blue Extruder   Brent Hand Extruder
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North Star extruders do not look like or work like any others.  They are designed to be simple, safe and inexpensive.  Standard and Super models feature a 4" square steel barrel tapered at the top for easy loading.
Big Blue Extruder is designed to be simple and safe yet powerful. This
model features a 6 x 6 x 12 inch aluminum barrel that holds a full 25
pound pug of clay and can produce extrusions up to 4-1/2 x 4-1/2
inches, without an expansion box.
  Amaco® offers two manual extruders - one table/slab roller model and a wall-mount model plus several die sets for creating dozens of clay shapes.
  Scott Creek Extruders & Clay Guns  
  Scoot Creek 4" Clay Extruder & Clay Gun  
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  Scott Creek Pottery a division of Clay Art Center, Inc.  The original Studio Extruder.  Scott Creek has 4" and 5" round and square extruders.  They come in steel or aluminum.  Scott Creek also has clay guns.