MKM Wood Ribs

MKM Craftsman Series ribs consists of 22 differently shaped ribs made of a medium hard woods. The ribs have a variety of curves, and relatively sharp edges that are straight. The edges are finely sanded by hand and should not contain any dings. MKM feels that it is important for the curves of the rib to be constant. Each rib is finished with an oil and wax mixture that is deeply applied to the rib to make it more durable in water. Please note these images are not to scale.
Product  Code Dimensions
MKM W1 General Rib W1 General Use Rib 31/2" x 17/8" Buy Now
W2A Small Interior Rib W2A Small Interior Rib 21/2" x 13/4" Buy Now
W2B Medium Bowl Rib W2B Medium Bowl Rib 41/2" x 3" Buy Now
W2C Large Bowl Rib W2C Large Bowl Rib 63/4" x 41/2" Buy Now
W3A Small Rib W3A Small Rib 3" x 11/8" Buy Now
W4 General Use Rib W4 General Use Rib 45/8" x 17/8" Buy Now
W5 Interior Corner Rib W5 Interior Corner Rib 23/4" x 2" Buy Now
W6 Outside Curve Rib W6 Outside Curve Rib 41/8" x 17/8" Buy Now
Medium Bowl Rib W8A Medium Bowl Rib 41/8" x 21/4" Buy Now
W8B Big Bowl Rib W8B Big Bowl Rib 63/4" x 27/8" Buy Now
W9 Trimming Rib W9 Trimming Rib 41/4" x 2" Buy Now
W10 Plate Cylinder Small Rib W10 Plate & Cylinder Small Rib 41/4" x 2" Buy Now
W11 Cylinder Rib W11 Cylinder Rib 41/8" x 2" Buy Now
W12B Large Bowl Rib W12B Large Bowl Rib 6" x 37/8" Buy Now
W20 Big Curved Rib W20 Big Curved Rib 8" x 21/8" Buy Now
W21 Flanged Plate Slab Rib W21 Flanged Plate & Slab Rib 83/4" x 2" Buy Now
W22 Medium Plate Rib W22 Medium Plate Rib 121/2" x 21/8" Buy Now