MKM Rollers4Clay

New texture making tools from MKM. Using the RH-1 handle and any of the roller designs (all purchased separately), you can roll-on a huge variety of textures.

To use, simply open the handle and put a roller on the metal spindle. Then close the roller, and while holding it the handle together with your hand, roll-on your texture!

The handle and rollers are all made of hardwood with smooth beveled edges and treated/finished for a long life.

All rollers are 6.0 cm wide, but have design faces of differing widths (1.5cm, 3.0cm, and 6.0cm). Each roller is made of a fine-grained hard wood and treated with teng oil for durability. All rollers fit into the same handle, and can be easily and quickly changed out for a roller with a different design or width. The items below are stocked items. If you wish to see the full line click here.
MKM Rollers4Clay Creamer by Rick McKinney MKM Rollers4Clay Glass by Rick McKinney MKM Rollers4Clay Cup by Rick McKinney
by Rick McKinney
by Rick McKinney
by Rick McKinney
Rollers4Clay Handle Code: MKMRH1 Buy Now
Basket Weave      
MKM RS-001 RS-001 Pattern
Code: MKMRS001 Buy Now
MKM RS-002 RS-002 Pattern Code: MKMRS002 Buy Now
Large Zig Zag    
MKM RS-003 RS-003 Pattern Code: MKMRS003 Buy Now
Small ZigZag    
MKM RS-004 RS-004 Pattern Code: MKMRS004 Buy Now
MKM RS-005 RS-005 Pattern Code: MKMRS005 Buy Now
Celtic Triangle      
MKM RS-006 RS-006 Pattern Code: MKMRS006 Buy Now
Pressed Dots      
MKM RS-007 RS-007 Pattern Code: MKMRS007 Buy Now
Medium Zig Zag      
MKM RS-008 RS-008 Pattern Code: MKMRS008 Buy Now
Foot Steps      
MKM RS-009 RS-009 Pattern Code: MKMRS009 Buy Now
Raised Dots      
MKM RS-010 RS-010 Pattern Code: MKMRS010 Buy Now
MKM RS-011 RS-011 Pattern Code: MKMRS011 Buy Now
MKM RS-012 RS-012 Pattern Code: MKMRS012 Buy Now
Celtic Knots      
MKM RS-013 RS-013 Pattern Code: MKMRS013 Buy Now
MKM RS-014 RS-014 Pattern Code: MKMRS014 Buy Now
Wavy Lines      
MKM RS-015 RS-015 Pattern Code: MKMRS015 Buy Now
Basket Weave      
MKM RS-016 RS-016 Pattern Code: MKMRS016 Buy Now
Rope Coil      
MKM RS-017 RS-017 Pattern Code: MKMRS017 Buy Now
Double Rope      
MKM RS-018 RS-018 Pattern Code: MKMRS018 Buy Now
Twining Strands      
MKM RS-019 RS-019 Pattern Code: MKMRS019 Buy Now
Narrow Rope Twining      
MKM RS-016 RS-020 Pattern Code: MKMRS020 Buy Now
Diagonal Up Left      
MKM RS-021 RS-021 Pattern Code: MKMRS021 Buy Now
Diagonal Up Right      
MKM RS-022 RS-022 Pattern Code: MKMRS022 Buy Now
Wide Grid      
MKM RS-023 RS-023 Pattern Code: MKMRS023 Buy Now
Embossed Flowers      
MKM RS-024 RS-024 Pattern Code: MKMRS024 Buy Now
Zig-Zag and Triangles      
MKM RS-025 RS-025 Pattern Code: MKMRS025 Buy Now
Leafy Vine      
MKM RS-026 RS-026 Pattern Code: MKMRS026 Buy Now
MKM RS-027 RS-027 Pattern Code: MKMRS027 Buy Now
Gingko Leaves      
MKM RS-028 RS-028 Pattern Code: MKMRS028 Buy Now
Dog Prints      
MKM RS-029 RS-029 Pattern Code: MKMRS029 Buy Now
Geometric Design 1      
MKM RS-030 RS-030 Pattern Code: MKMRS030 Buy Now
Geometric Design 2      
MKM RS-031 RS-031 Pattern Code: MKMRS031 Buy Now
Flowers & Vines      
MKM RS-032 RS-032 Pattern Code: MKMRS032 Buy Now
MKM RS-033 Small Handle Roller – Cobbles No Image Code: MKMRS033 Buy Now
Single Big Grove      
MKM RS-101 No Image Code: MKMRS101 Buy Now
Six Small Groves      
MKM RS-103 No Image Code: MKMRS103 Buy Now
Square Spirals      
MKM RM-001 RM-001 Pattern Code: MKMRM001 Buy Now
MKM RM-002 RM-002 Pattern Code: MKMRM002 Buy Now
Medium Zig Zag      
MKM RM-003 RM-003 Pattern Code: MKMRM003 Buy Now
Celtic Knots      
MKM RM-004 RM-004 Pattern Code: MKMRM004 Buy Now
MKM RM-005 RM-005 Pattern Code: MKMRM005 Buy Now
MKM RM-006 RM-006 Pattern Code: MKMRM006 Buy Now
Large Zig Zag      
MKM RM-007 RM-007 Pattern Code: MKMRM007 Buy Now
Basket Weave 2      
MKM RM-008 RM-008 Pattern Code: MKMRM008 Buy Now
MKM RM-009 RM-009 Pattern Code: MKMRM009 Buy Now
3-Dot Rows      
MKM RM-010 RM-010 Pattern Code: MKMRM010 Buy Now
Hotozontal Lines      
MKM RM-011 RM-011 Pattern Code: MKMRM011 Buy Now
Diagonal Lines      
MKM RM-012 RM-012 Pattern Code: MKMRM012 Buy Now
MKM RM-013 RM-013 Pattern Code: MKMRM013 Buy Now
Basket Weave 1      
MKM RM-014 RM-014 Pattern Code: MKMRM014 Buy Now
Small Zig Zag 1      
MKM RM-015 RM-015 Pattern Code: MKMRM015 Buy Now
Small Zig Zag 2      
MKM RM-016 RM-016 Pattern Code: MKMRM016 Buy Now
Wavy Lines      
MKM RM-017 RM-017 Pattern Code: MKMRM017 Buy Now
Large Diagonal Zig-Zag      
MKM RM-018 RM-018 Pattern Code: MKMRM018 Buy Now
Plaited Bands      
MKM RM-019 RM-019 Pattern Code: MKMRM019 Buy Now
Art Nouveau 1      
MKM RM-021 RM-021 Pattern Code: MKMRM021 Buy Now
MKM RM-022 RM-022 Pattern Code: MKMRM022 Buy Now
Medium Grid      
MKM RM-023 RM-023 Pattern Code: MKMRM023 Buy Now
Wild Organic Abstract      
MKM RM-024 RM-024 Pattern Code: MKMRM024 Buy Now
Curvy Zebra      
MKM RM-025 RM-025 Pattern Code: MKMRM025 Buy Now
Fern Leaves      
MKM RM-026 RM-026 Pattern Code: MKMRM026 Buy Now
Gingko Leaves      
MKM RM-027 RM-027 Pattern Code: MKMRM027 Buy Now
MKM RM-028 RM-028 Pattern Code: MKMRM028 Buy Now
Cavorting Dolphins      
MKM RM-029 RM-029 Pattern Code: MKMRM029 Buy Now
Crowing Roosters      
MKM RM-030 RM-030 Pattern Code: MKMRM030 Buy Now
Wild Horses      
MKM RM-031 RM-031 Pattern Code: MKMRM031 Buy Now
MKM RM-032 RM-032 Pattern Code: MKMRM032 Buy Now
American Bison      
MKM RM-033 RM-033 Pattern Code: MKMRM033 Buy Now
Diagonal Up Left      
MKM RM-034 RM-034 Pattern Code: MKMRM034 Buy Now
Diagonal and Triangles      
MKM RM-035 RM-035 Pattern Code: MKMRM035 Buy Now
MKM RM-036 RM-036 Pattern Code: MKMRM036 Buy Now
Twin Rope      
MKM RM-037 RM-037 Pattern Code: MKMRM037 Buy Now
Wide Rope      
MKM RM-038 RM-038 Pattern Code: MKMRM038 Buy Now
Double Helix      
MKM RM-039 RM-039 Pattern Code: MKMRM039 Buy Now
Big Rope Narrow Strands      
MKM RM-040 RM-040 Pattern Code: MKMRM040 Buy Now
Brick Work      
MKM RM-041 RM-041 Pattern Code: MKMRM041 Buy Now
Loose Braid      
MKM RM-042 RM-042 Pattern Code: MKMRM042 Buy Now
MKM RM-043 RM-043 Pattern Code: MKMRM043 Buy Now
Basket Weave 2      
MKM RM-044 RM-044 Pattern Code: MKMRM044 Buy Now
MKM RM-045 No Image Code: MKMRM045 Buy Now
Flowers & Vines      
MKM RM-046 No Image Code: MKMRM046 Buy Now
Deco Fans      
MKM RM-047 Medium Handle Roller – Deco Fans No Image Code: MKMRM047 Buy Now
Celtic Boarder 1      
MKM RM-048 Medium Handle Roller – Celtic Boarder 1 No Image Code: MKMRM048 Buy Now
Celtic Border 2      
MKM RM-049 Medium Handle Roller – Celtic Boarder 2 No Image Code: MKMRM049 Buy Now
Deco Zigzag      
MKM RM-050 Medium Handle Roller – Deco Zigzag No Image Code: MKMRM050 Buy Now
Nouveau Floral      
MKM RM-051 Medium Handle Roller – Nouveau Floral No Image Code: MKMRM051 Buy Now
Overlapping Squares      
MKM RM-052 Medium Handle Roller – Overlapping Squares No Image Code: MKMRM052 Buy Now
Mountain Landscape      
MKM RM-053 Medium Handle Roller – Mountain Landscape No Image Code: MKMRM053 Buy Now
Flying Butterfly      
MKM RM-054 Medium Handle Roller – Flying Butterfly No Image Code: MKMRM054 Buy Now
MKM RM-055 Medium Handle Roller – Fire No Image Code: MKMRM055 Buy Now
Running Horses      
MKM RM-056 Medium Handle Roller – Running Horses No Image Code: MKMRM056 Buy Now
Slanted Crosshatch      
MKM RM-057 Medium Handle Roller – Slanted Crosshatch No Image Code: MKMRM057 Buy Now
Layered Lines      
MKM RM-058 Medium Handle Roller – Layered Lines No Image Code: MKMRM058 Buy Now
MKM RM-059 Medium Handle Roller – Flamingo No Image Code: MKMRM059 Buy Now
Layered Zigzag      
MKM RM-060 Medium Handle Roller – Layered Zigzag No Image Code: MKMRM060 Buy Now
Palm Trees      
MKM RM-061 Medium Handle Roller – Palm Trees No Image Code: MKMRM061 Buy Now
4 Wide Grooves      
MKM RM-101 No Image Code: MKMRM101 Buy Now
6 Medium Grooves      
MKM RM-102 No Image Code: MKMRM102 Buy Now
Small Zig Zag
MKM RL-001 Pattern Code: MKMRL001 Buy Now
Wavy Lines
MKM RL-002 Pattern Code: MKMRL002 Buy Now
Big Braid
MKM RL-003 Pattern Code: MKMRL003 Buy Now
Basket Weave
MKM RL-004 Pattern Code: MKMRL004 Buy Now
Large Zig Zag
MKM RL-005 Pattern Code: MKMRL005 Buy Now
Medium Zig Zag
MKM RL-006 Pattern Code: MKMRL006 Buy Now
MKM RL-007 Pattern Code: MKMRL007 Buy Now
MKM-RL-008 Large Handle Roller – Cobbles
MKM RL-008 Pattern Code: MKMRL008 Buy Now
Loose Weave
MKM-RL-009 Large Handle Roller – Loose Weave
MKM RL-009 Pattern Code: MKMRL009 Buy Now
MKM-RL-010 Large Handle Roller – Rococo
MKM RL-010 Pattern Code: MKMRL010 Buy Now
MKM-RL-011 Large Handle Roller – Dancing
MKM RL-011 Pattern Code: MKMRL011 Buy Now
River Rapids
MKM-RL-012 Large Handle Roller – River Rapids
MKM RL-012 Pattern Code: MKMRL012 Buy Now
Funky Floral
MKM-RL-013 Large Handle Roller – Funky Floral
MKM RL-013 Pattern Code: MKMRL013 Buy Now
Diagonal Waves
MKM-RL-014 Large Handle Roller – Diagonal Waves
MKM RL-014 Pattern Code: MKMRL014 Buy Now
MKM-RL-016 Large Handle Roller – Slalom
MKM RL-016 Pattern Code: MKMRL016 Buy Now
MKM-RL-017 Large Handle Roller – Fans
  Code: MKMRL017 Buy Now
Deco Zigzag
MKM-RL-018 Large Handle Roller – Deco Zigzag
  Code: MKMRL018 Buy Now
Birds on Wire
MKM-RL-019 Large Handle Roller – Birds on Wire
  Code: MKMRL019 Buy Now
Cracked Glass
MKM-RL-020 Large Handle Roller – Cracked Glass
  Code: MKMRL020 Buy Now
Wild Field
MKM-RL-021 Large Handle Roller – Wild Field
  Code: MKMRL021 Buy Now
Maori Sprials 2
MKM-RL-022 Large Handle Roller – Maori Spirals 2
  Code: MKMRL022 Buy Now
Maori Sprials
MKM-RL-023 Large Handle Roller – Maori Spirals
  Code: MKMRL023 Buy Now
MKM-RL-024 Large Handle Roller – Cattails
  Code: MKMRL024 Buy Now
MKM-RL-025 Large Handle Roller – Wave
  Code: MKMRL025 Buy Now
MKM-RL-026 Large Handle Roller – Clematis
  Code: MKMRL026 Buy Now
Mountain Landscape
MKM-RL-027 Large Handle Roller – Mountain Landscape
  Code: MKMRL027 Buy Now
Himalayan Mountains
MKM-RL-028 Large Handle Roller – Himalayan Mountains
  Code: MKMRL028 Buy Now
Mountain Reflections
MKM-RL-029 Large Handle Roller – Mountain Reflections
  Code: MKMRL029 Buy Now
Deco Fan
MKM-RL-030 Large Handle Roller – Deco Fan
  Code: MKMRL030 Buy Now
Mountain Range
MKM-RL-031 Large Handle Roller – Mountain Range
  Code: MKMRL031 Buy Now
Mountain Forest
MKM-RL-032 Large Handle Roller – Mountain Forest
  Code: MKMRL032 Buy Now
Overlapping Diamonds
MKM-RL-033 Large Handle Roller – Overlapping Diamonds
  Code: MKMRL033 Buy Now
Running Horses
MKM-RL-034 Large Handle Roller – Running Horses
  Code: MKMRL034 Buy Now
Layered Lines
MKM-RL-035 Large Handle Roller – Layered Lines
  Code: MKMRL035 Buy Now
MKM-RL-036 Large Handle Roller – Flamingo
  Code: MKMRL036 Buy Now
Cincinnati Skyline
MKM-RL-038 Large Handle Roller – Cincinnati Skyline
  Code: MKMRL038 Buy Now
MKM-RL-039 Large Handle Roller – Cactus
  Code: MKMRL039 Buy Now
Wild Flowers
MKM-RL-040 Large Handle Roller – Wild Flowers
  Code: MKMRL040 Buy Now
MKM-RL-041 Large Handle Roller – Monstera
  Code: MKMRL041 Buy Now
Prairie Flowers
MKM-RL-042 Large Handle Roller – Prairie Flowers
  Code: MKMRL042 Buy Now
MKM-RL-043 Large Handle Roller – Mushrooms
  Code: MKMRL043 Buy Now
Small Bumps
No Image Code: MKMRL102 Buy Now
Small Grooves
No Image Code: MKMRL103 Buy Now
Slanted Grooves
No Image Code: MKMRL104 Buy Now
Big Bumps
No Image Code: MKMRL105 Buy Now
Big Grooves
No Image Code: MKMRL106 Buy Now
Big "V" Grooves
No Image Code: MKMRL107 Buy Now