Amaco F-Series Low Fire Glazes

The F-Series has been discontinued by Amaco. We will continue to sell what glazes we have in-stock, but will be unable to order any more from Amaco.

Cone 05 AMACO® F-Series are fritted, leadless compositions. They are semi-opaque and fire with a high gloss. Colors are more intense and brilliant than those of many other glazes. Because AMACO® F-Series Glazes are leadless, they are recommended for pottery dishes.

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Amaco F-10 Clear Amaco F-50 Rose Amaco F-52 Burgundy    
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More Information:

AMACO F-Series Glazes in liquid form are ready-to-use in pint jars and have a recommended firing temperature of Cone 05 (1911 F, 1044 C). These glazes must be applied on a mature Cone 04 (1971 F, 1077 C) bisque by brushing, dipping or pouring.

MSDS Sheets Available here.