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Dirty Girls' new Square Bat Insert System is the best! It comes with one master bat made of an exterior grade wood material that is highly water-resistant and durable and 10 SQUARE inserts that are a full 6.5" in diameter. You can throw any pot with a base 6.5" or smaller. The inserts sit tightly next to each other on the shelf too. It saves tons of shelf space!

There is an shallow cutout under the insert tab for placing a wooden tool to pry up the bats. There are also cutouts across from each bat pin hole on the underside of the master bat so you can easily lift the master bat off the wheel! Extra Inserts are sold in sets of 10.

Do not leave submerged in water. Any wood based product left submerged in water will degrade and warp, so be nice to your bat system and gently clean the components and set them out to dry either on their sides or at a diagonal, just not stacked. If left stacked when fully wet, the inserts will swell in the center. They will dry out flat again, but it will take time!